Tossing a grenade

When I started blogging about my journey as a writer and father, I didn’t intend to discuss my wife that often. I’m not sure why, given how important she is to my writing process. She has, at various times, been my editor, supporter, taskmaster and more. A writer herself, she understands how important my writing is to me, she encourages me to do it, and tries to ensure that I’ll have time to pursue writing even when things are busy.

We are, I think, a pretty good match. We communicate well, we agree on pretty much everything, and we talked extensively about what we wanted our life to look like after KRH arrived. I felt about as certain as anything that we would do fine when our son arrived, even though we know things would be hard and different for a long time.

It turns out that having a baby was a lot harder than either of us anticipated or prepared for, even knowing that change was coming. A metaphor that appeals to me goes like this.

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